Melissa’s Present

Samantha had just got back from the adult toy store, today was Melissa’s twenty-first birthday and Samantha wanted it to be one Melissa would remember.
They’d been together only a short while, but Samantha felt it was time to up the relationship. She carefully hid the double-sided strap between her pillow and Melissa’s.

Melissa would be home in about ten minutes so Samantha quickly undressed and slid under the covers. She had told Melissa she had something planned and to come straight home.

After what seemed to be a small eternity, she heard the front door open and close and then heard Melissa’s foot steps through the hall way. Samantha felt her heart race as she called out for Melissa to join her in the room. Melissa had kicked off her sandals on the way to the room and once she entered the bedroom she smiled seeing Samantha’s bare shoulders. Samantha bit her lower lip and she beckoned Melissa, who had already unbuttoned the front of her blouse, onto the bed. As Melissa slid onto the bed, Samantha folded down the covers, revealing her naked body to Melissa. Samantha reached over to Melissa and helped her off with her blouse, then eased her body closer to Melissa’s and wrapped her arms around her chest, grabbing the bra clasp in her right hand.

With a quick flick of her wrist Melissa felt the familiar release of her breasts and Samantha slid the straps down Melissa’s arms then tossed it aside. They pressed their chests together, rubbing nipples against each other as Samantha began to undo the zipper to Melissa’s skirt. As she unzipped, Samantha pulled the sides of the skirt apart, easing them past Melissa’s hips and to her thighs. Melissa quickly worked the skirt down the rest of her legs and let it dangle at her feet, hanging over the edge of the bed. Samantha leaned down, pressed her fingers flat against Melissa’s panty covered pussy and to her surprise, Melissa was already quite damp. Samantha began to work Melissa’s panties past her hips to her knees and watched Melissa squirm to get them off.

Once Melissa was completely naked Samantha pressed her entire body against hers, forcing her gently to lie down on the bed. Samantha straddled Melissa’s slender frame easily, leaned forward, her dark red hair spilling onto Melissa’s breasts and began to kiss her as she slid her hand down to Melissa’s wet pussy. Melissa moaned lightly at her lover’s touch moving so closely to her pussy and spread her thighs a little, her hands rubbing lightly up and down Samantha’s back as they kissed.

Samantha slid her middle finger down the length of Melissa’s swollen clit and began to tease her tight hole. Melissa moaned into their kiss as she started to rock her hips against Samantha’s hand causing her finger to slide into Melissa’s wet hole. Melissa gasped lightly as she felt the penetration; Samantha pulled away from the kiss and reached up between the pillows with a sly grin on her face. As her hand came back down, Melissa caught the sight of the strap on and blushed. Samantha quickly strapped it around her hips and thighs and used her wet hand to lube it. She pressed her hips against Melissa, the dick sliding between both their lips and into their pussies. Samantha began to thrust her hips against Melissa’s as Melissa wrapped her long legs around Samantha’s ass. Their pace quickened, thrusting against it each other as they felt the dick fuck their pussies. Their moaning grew louder as each began to peak into orgasm, squeezing tightly around the strap on, trying to milk it, their pussies spasmed as they came.

The thrusts began to slow as their orgasms subsided, both of them breathing heavily began to kiss again. Samantha eased the strap on out of Melissa’s pussy and slid of off her smiling.